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Feature Request: Close All Sessions button

As winter is coming we are now having a lot of electricity breakdowns. So we had problems with clients were unable to reconnect to JM server after this. So i need to restart the server to release all sessions. Could be convinient to have just a button in Sessions summary to refresh all sessions, e.g. “Close All Sessions”. If clients are set to reconnect it wount harm if i close some alive sessions by that.

While writing this have remembered about resource policy tab in AC. It was set to Never Kick. Have changed to Always Kick. Hope that will help. But Close All Sessions could be useful in some other cases i think.

Just to be clear, when elictricity is down server is working and is holding all sessions, though most of these clients are offline actualy.

2005.11.10 12:20:01 org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:145) Connection closed before session established


Have seen such error a lot in the forum, this is the only error in error.log after breakdown. I think in my case it drops the connection because session is still alive on the server and Never kick was set. So client wasnt able to reconnect.