Feature Request: Collapse/Expand All

It would be nice to see in future spark releases a Collapse/Expand All option in the roster/contact list. Personally, I like all my groups collapsed except for one or two, but sometimes I want to see everybody. Clicking on the little arrow next to all 30+ of my groups is tedious and buggy, sometimes requiring multiple clicks to Collapse or Expand.

This already exists. Right click on a group name. There is a collapse all/open all

I dont see it on version 2.5.8. Still it would be nice for a global collapse/open all option for all groups at the same time.

It is in 2.6.0 for sure. I am using regulary.

It is indeed in 2.6.0 and was added after a request from a user i believe, long time ago.

indeed. I just downloaded 2.6 final and it’s there. thank you.