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Feature Request, Content Filter

I’ve just started a new job, and they handed me a difficult problem.

  1. My users receive a very large number of IM’s which contain stock

ticker symbols. I need to filter these with logic something like this:

if sender = sender1 OR sender2 OR sender3

if $keyword1 forward to userlist1

if $keyword2 forward to userlist2

lather, rinse, repeat

delete message

  1. When a user receives one of these messages, it needs to pop on the screen with an audible alert.

  2. If a user replies to one of these messages, all follow-on messages

need to get through, with or without the keyword. This leads me to ask:

Am I correct that there is no mechanism for understanding the state of

a message (whether it’s a “reply to previous message” or not)?

  1. The only approach I can think of is to have the incoming messages be

addressed to a generic chat “user” on our end, filter them by keyword,

and forward them from the generic account to the appropriate

userlist(s). Then if they need to reply to a message, it will originate

from their personal account instead of the generic account. I’d then

filter inbound messages to the generic user, not to the individual


I hope I’ve clearly explained what I need to do; please let me know if

more information is needed. And yes, we have an Enterprise license!

Feel free to contact me via email or phone; I assume Ignite people will

have access to my profile information.



You may want to check out the packet filter plugin!


I -think- it would do exactly what you are after! We do have a content filter as well, but I think it’s not what you are after. (it’s for filtering like… bad words and such)

This thread is a duplicate of the Feature Request for Content Filter Plugin thread.