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[Feature request] Create Spark user account by script


When installing computers for new employees (fully automated) we are creating the user’s Spark client account with some powershell magic, but it would be really helpful to have some console options to precreate an account and define server settings.

e.g.: spark.exe -create -username -password -server -oldssl -proxy


Try the User service plugin


The readme may be out of date. check latest SVN. It supports groups

Try it wirh CURL or any HTTP posting application from command prompt

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3562095/using-curl-to-get-a-https-webpage-in- windows-7

You got me wrong, we would like to create an account by script for the Spark client, not on the server.

http requests can be made from anywhere. Just get the right tool for the job :slight_smile:

Hm, but this will still create an account on the Openfire server, I’m talking about the Spark IM Windows Client. The Server is linked to OpenLDAP, all accounts are already there.

But when we install a new computer for an employee we are silently installing software by script (e.g. “spark_2_6_3.exe -q”), and afterwards we would like to configure the users account in the IM client (not the server) by script as well. We know the username and passwords because we initially create them.

So the (scripted) process looks like:

  • Login to the users computer using the Windows username/password,

  • Silently Install Spark IM Windows client,

  • Configure connection and account settings in Spark IM client using the OpenLDAP username/password.

Ok. you right

I thought you wanted to create accounts in OF. I would have to look at Spark to see where it stores user profile/preferences. If it is the windows registry, then you have a have a good choice of tools otherwise, if it is a text file, then you should be able to do that from a script

Well, I already got this mostly working using powershell. I’m creating the profile in %APPDATA%\Spark\spark.properties, but my tripleDES password encryption function is having some issues with special characters (e.g. $), but works fine with “standard” chars. No idea how to fix this, thats why I’m asking for some built-in functionality.