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Feature Request: CTRL-ENTER inserts line break

Pressing CTRL-ENTER should insert a line break, instead of sending the message. If I have a list to send to someone, I would like to seperate by line breaks instead of commas, etc.

Hi winux,

SHIFT-ENTER does that for you


Oh. Thanks. Maybe I should change my nick to dumbass.


I think a bunch of clients also support ctrl-enter (just tested in Trillian). Do you think we should support it in Spark as well?



I think what most clients have is an option of “Pressing ‘‘Enter’’ sends the message.”

If unchecked, then pressing Enter will insert a line break, and then clicking on Send or pressing CTRL (or Shift) + Enter will send the message. Having that option can be beneficial to users who are not all that savvy, and miss the CTRL (or Shift) key while pressing enter to insert the line break.