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Feature Request : Feeds reader (plugin?)

A RSS Feeds reader (at least a highlighter) would be great.

I am in an enterprise context and it would be a nice addon and would help us track our JIRA issues, confluence new pages and our CRM tickets without installing several applications.

Also, an interesting feature would be to have shared feeds on the server.

What do you think?

Hi Samuel,

What sort of information would you want in the feeds?



PS - RSS feeds are actually something we’'ve talked about adding to our url=http://version2software.com/products/v2statsV2Stats plugin[/url].


I was more talking about a generic RSS reader,

The user would add the RSS feeds he wants (wether a public website or an application he’'s using, etc…). The new headlines would appear as a popup at the bottom right of the screen in a specified interval and all the headlines could be in a tab next to conference. The server-side shared feeds lists would about the same thing as Shared groups, so the users would have a default list of rss feeds.

For an example, the RSS plugin of trillian is great (screenshots here : http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,22973,00.asp)

Thank you for your fast replies! It is really appreciated.


I tought you had posted this question in the Wildfire support forums. Now your request makes more sense. Still, I like the idea, maybe I’'ll take a crack at writing something like that in the next couple of days.



Cool! Thank you!

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Hi Samuel,

I found a bit of time to dig a bit into the Sparkplug API to look for a decent url=https://rome.dev.java.net/RSS Java API[/url] and I came with the attached screenshot. It’'s a little rough and is hard-coded to work with Slashdot but if there is interest in it I can continue to develop it.


rsssparkplug.PNG (26776 Bytes)

You rock!

It will be a great and useful plugin if you continue to develop it!


That looks sweet. When are you done, feel free to send that off to me and I’'ll make it public.




When are you done, feel free to send that off to me and I’'ll make it public.

I will for sure do so.



Hi Guys!

How is it going? Any fresh news?

Hi Samuel,

I’‘m continuing to chip away at it when I get opportunities to do so. It’‘s still pretty rough but it’‘s coming along. I’‘d like to release a beta at some point to get user feedback, but until then I’'ve attached a couple of screen shots to whet your appetite.


rss-tab.PNG (24402 Bytes)
rss-prefs.PNG (29008 Bytes)

Hey Ryang,

Just some feedback from the screenshots, it might be nice to add feeds directly from the UI, just right click on the root folder and there would be the option to add the feed… also maybe a button somehwere in the main UI there. Looking great!



Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feedback - I’'ll see what I can come up with.

Thanks again,


Hello Guys,

I’'m new to spark IM and currently undergoing the testing procedures…

The idea of having an RSS reader plugin and a popup plugin working with it would be very interesting… (using this feature with Miranda already)

Currently i’'m using Miranda which is a very good client and has almost all features that one could ask except a VoIP module and a working file transfer plugin…

Any new updates about this plugin?

Note: Vbuzzer already exist but is not under active developpment

Hi c3v,

I have not made much progress with the RSS Sparkplug since my last post. Sorry.

Once I have something new to report I will for sure do so.



Hey Derek,

I’'m interested too! Looking good… keep it up when you have time…