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Feature Request (for tablets) - Adding entire roster option

When inviting and clicking on roster, to add the entire one can use keyboard shortcuts (hold shift key down) to select the entire list. On our tablet PCs, there is no shift key, so there does not appear to be an easy way to invite the entire roster to a room. It seems that this is something that we want to do, so it would be nice to have a clickable way of doing this. Perhaps a right click on roster pops up a menu which offers “select all” as its only option?

Alternatively, this could be done by adding another button next to the “roster” button on the invite window for “Add entire roster”

Ideally, this should be able to be further divided into groups of users, whereby there is on the invite window, in addition to the roster button, a button for groups, which brings up the list of groups, from which one group could be selected.

I realize that this may not be a feature normally used in some environments, but we have a need for it.

If there is currently a way to do this with Spark, let me know.

We are using Spark 1.1.1 on Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005.

Hi Curt,

are you looking for the “Invite group to conference” option which you find by right-clicking on your roster? Or could you give some more details?


Yes, that is what I was looking for.

Sorry I missed that. We had been starting conferences by the “start conference” item in the action menu.