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Feature request for whenever Jingle is implemented

OK, as I understand it, it’‘s not possible to implement conferencing per se with Jingle. And if anyone corrects that understanding, then rest assured I’'ll be requesting THAT feature – so think twice about correcting me.

But I was wondering whether it would be possible to implement a “hand off the mic” feature in rooms, so that each person could speak in turn.

The hip hop skin could come with a “grab the mic” variant.


Dang . . . this could be cool.

The mic rotation would show up as a queue to let you know how many people (and who) want a shot at speaking to the room. If a person is a member, all they can do is punch the “next” button and the mic is passed in turn to the next person in the queue. A moderator or admin would have the ability to re-queue the queue, skip people, direct the mic ad hoc, etc. Just like a real Roberts Rules of Order thing.

And obviously I’'d like someone else, not me, to code all this.