Feature request: IRC-style shortcuts (/me etc.)

It would be cool if Spark supported the IRC-style shortcuts described in Section 17.2.1 of XEP-0045. At a minimum, support for /me would be nice.

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I did ask this again some days ago here so I expect the cool and nice features are not included too soon.


Maybe they’‘ll make this faster when Peter Saint-Andre is asking for that Well, i’‘m not sure he’'s real though

I would also like this support. I moved my users from Pandion to Spark because of proxy file transfer support, but today many are complaining about not being able to use the /me and /nick commands in conference chat and personal IM.

Is this planned at all for the next release?

Alright, 4 posts is the magic number ;). I went ahead and filed this issue and am adding it right after i finish posting this.