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Feature request: mass add users

I just went through the process of adding phone mappings for all Jive Software employees. We’‘ve been growing a lot so whew that was a big process. So, a feature request – it would be great to have an option to mass-add users all at once. The way it would work is that you would be shown a table of all the phone devices that have not yet been mapped to users and then form fields to fill in the information for each device. You’‘d be able to skip any phone devices that you didn’'t want to input info for, of course.

There are lots of possible improvements to this system later, of course. ''Things like a user picker, maybe user account suggestions based on caller ID name (if it exists?), guess at extension?


Yes, a bulk edit/add dialog is definitly a thing we should have. I’'ve open PHONE-58 for this.

There is a lot we do based on some simple rules. I asume there are only a few strategies used for the mapping:

a) SIP/ and extension can be extracted from the phone number of a vcard

If we get LDAP and/or vcard integration to work without much configuration overhead that would also simplify (even eliminate the need for) phone mappings.