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Feature Request - Message Logging to DBMS

An option to store message and session data in the SQL DB of choice would be ideal. It would also be very helpful if the time taken to type each message were available in a DBMS. One could then query the database to see how much time a person spends instant messaging. Or how much time they’'ve spent logged into the Jive Messenger server over any given period.

I hope this is not a duplicate request. As someone who works with multiple database systems I also realize it is no small feature.

As it is we’'ll probably push the XML data into a DBMS.

BTW: Jive Messenger is far and away the easiest Jabber server I’'ve ever setup or configured. Excellent implementation all around.

Hi Privateer,

Tomas Pavlicek is working on this issue JM-149, which is planned for 2.2.

Hope that helps,