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Feature Request - offline users in roster groups instead of offline group

Maybe I just got too used to the way another client (JAJC) did it, but I’‘d prefer to keep all my roster contacts in their groups instead of having the offline ones lumped in an “offline group”. It makes it really hard to find someone when they are offline. Then I’'d like to be able to toggle whether Spark shows all contacts in the roster, or only those that are online.

I know you can’'t make everyone happy, but what do you guys think?

Yeah, this was discussed many times already, but i dont remember any JIRA issue to vote for.

As this worked out in other thread i will mention that Exodus does the ability to show offline contacts in groups or like Spark in Offline group. Flexibility

In corporate use, when users could not know every other co-worker this could be missleading. If some newcomer has to contact say Admins group and all of them are offline how would he find any of them? I think putting offline contacts to Offline group is only useful when groups are not used.

I totally agree with wroot. Gaim, Exodus, and Pandion all leave the offline users in their assign groups.

And speaking as the admin of a corporate Wildfire server that wishes to use Spark clients exclusively, the ‘‘Offline Gorup’’ is a huge pain. With only 84 users it is already ridiculously large and useless. I have to look in two places when looking for a user. We are looking for a client to roll out to about 4000 techs. Think about 4000+ people in one group on your roster.[/b]

Seems to me like this lumping together along with the hiding of empty groups by default is actually counter productive to using any sort of grouping. For Spark to be used as a communication tool by any medium organization, corporate or not, this must be addressed.

Please make this any option, please make it checked by default, and please implement SPARK-27 so this can all be managed.


if one has 4000 active contacts to communicate one will have no time to work any more. It seems that you may choose another group design to make sure that each user sees 10-100 people. Or you may use Fastpath to address the right one, selection one out of 4000 seems to be very hard.


You’‘ve reminded me a nice Exodus feature. Ctrl+F in roster and start entering contact’'s name. Focus starts jumping all other the roster until you enter enough to find right person. Hit Enter and you have a chat window with that person. Convinient with a huge and complex hierarchy rosters.

That is a nice feature. Have you tried ctrl+n in Spark?