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Feature Request: Option to bring chat window to front

Great option would be to bring the chat window to focus when a new message is received. Currently it just stays in the taskbar flashing, which is a good option, too. Would be nice to customize Spark in telling it exactly what to do with the window focus, though.

I was also looking for this feature. Is this already available? Are there plans?

I’'m all for having options but please do not get rid of the flashing taskbar when a new message arrives. I would prefer if Spark did not steal the focus away from the main window.

I just had a user ask for this feature too. I agree that it should be an option though.


another similar feature request, just in wrong forum

and the same here (second request):


Hi Everyone,

So you are looking for an option to force the chat room to steal focus from everything when a new message arrives?

If that is what you mean, i can add to the SparkWords plugin I wrote (available in Spark under Spark > Plugins > Available Plugins. Right now it provides the ability to keyword search as well as toaster like popups (think MSN Messenger). Try it out. I should be able to push out a new version in the next few days that allows the focus-stealing.


dont ask, just do it

but, i dont like em to be all in one. If i need only focus pushing i need only that. Though all these functions looks similar.

Similar yes, but slightly different. One sets the settings for keywords (allowing popups and flashing) and the other sets the settings for all messages (allowing popups and flashing). This is very similar to how Exodus used to do it.

I might divide the plugin, but the problem is, I don’‘t think people want to have 5 plugins for all of the features of my plugin, and I don’'t think Jive wants to clutter the available plugins list with 5 either. So that is why it is an all in one notification plugin.

If you want the source so you can write your own little plugin, I would be happy to give it to you once I make the update with this focus-stealing plugin.


If you want the source so you can write your own

little plugin, I would be happy to give it to you

once I make the update with this focus-stealing


well, personally i dont need one, but i think there will be plenty of people looking for this. In other hand, SparkWords name doesnt say it has focus-stealing feature in it.

I vote for focus-stealing addition. thanks tim for your efforts

I like the idea of the focus stealing window. My planned deployment is in a series of remote offices with the users hitting thier main app via RDP. I need to have some way of making sure that the user sees the message notification over the RDP session screen (it runs in full screen mode). My initial thought was to ask you about changing the popup dwell time (although an option to tweak that and perhaps slice window size would be nice) or perhaps a combination of dwell time and color change flash on the popup slice. In testing with my partner we found that the slice does pop up over the RDP session desktop but since the dwell is fairly short and there is no flash activity it may be too unobtrusive to most users.



SparkWords 1.0.5

Everyone -

I have finished SparkWords 1.0.5, which includes focus-stealing as an option for both all messages and keyword messages.

I have passed this on to Jive. So, watch for it soon.


did focus stealing get added? I downloaded the plugin and it has “Flash Room” and “Toaster Pop-up”. If it hasn’'t been added, would you mind posting the newer version of the plugin somewhere like sourceforge so it can be downloaded? Or just sending it to me as I would like to see this feature?



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