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Feature Request

Is there any way when typing a message to move down a line by pressing Enter instead of sending the message? I know that other IM clients have this ability and it would be nice if Spark could do the same. Perhaps it could be made to have Spark use a Ctrl + Enter combo in order to send the message. Of course you may want to make this an option as some people might not want Spark to operate that way. Thanks!

I like this idea.

SHIFT+ENTER takes care of this



Would there be any way to reverse it to that Shift-Enter (or Ctrl-Enter preferrably) would send the message instead of going to the next line? To me it just makes more sense for Enter to return to the next line. You don’'t use Shift-Enter in MS Word or any other word processor to go to the next line. It would just seem more natural to have Enter return to the next line instead of sending the message.

So now MS Word and text processors will rule messenger standards? This is a MESSAGING and not writing a book in your chat window.

Yes, i understand this is natural for an office worker to hit Enter to go to the next line. So i agree only with this, Spark should be more customizable. I’'m talking about this all the time

Hi Oleg,

I’‘m quite sure that Trillian offers to configure what Enter, CtrlEnter and ShiftEnter do. This is really missing, I never know how to start a new line without sending the message and I can’‘t look in the preferences how it is configured as one can’'t configure it.


@ wroot:

I just used that as a comparison. I wish that Spark would be more customizable.

@ it2000:

I use Trillian all the time and it does have the ability to configure what those key combinations do. This is primarily what I was initially referring to. I guess I should have used Trillian originally.