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Feature Request

Hi Guys,

When you are using Spark and maybe writing some doc on your PC if someone talks to you the new chat windows appears with the focus on, this cause that wherever you are writing on will be written in the new chat window.

Maybe some small change can fix this small issue.



Wow, that would be terrible if that’s happening. I’ve never had that happen before, but could you tell me what OS you are working on?



Thanks for your answer.

I am running Windows XP with SP2.


Has anyone else seen that before? Do you maybe have xtra notification on like the toaster coming up or something?



Unless “bring window to front” (is this correct? “the” front maybe?) option is turned on in the Preferences. Then it does bring the chat window to the front upon every message.

But there is another issue. New tabs do steal the focus. I mean when you get first message from someone. If you are typing something in other tab and hit Enter without looking at chat window you will have to apologize the one who have just started chatting with you I have noticed this before, but some how let it through and didnt report.

This happens to me too.

laurin1 wrote:

This happens to me too.

What specifically? This has never happened to me or my coworker unless “Bring winfow to front” is turned on. And in latest Spark version it seems it is not stealing tab focus either.

Ok, I’m confused. I have bring window to front turned on, but I did not assume that included steal focus. I want to see the message, but not have it steal the focus. I’ll turn it off and see what the behavior is like.

Well, i have just turned Bring to front on and it doesnt steal my focus. Though i’m testing on the same pc with two clients. I’m typing and sending with Exodus and then Spark chat window pops up. But if i began to type again it will be in Exodus chat window still. So it doesnt steal my focus, at least from Exodus.

Well, it does mine. I’ll be writing an email in Outlook and it pops up and steals the focus.

Ok. I just wasnt able to test in normally by myself. Will try it tomorrow with my coworker. 2.5.8 Beta 1? Or are you using older version? I remember once there was a JIRA ticket about stealing focus.

I am using 2.5.7.

Ok. I have tested this and can confirm. Have created own thread to be able to track it easier http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/30072