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Feature Request

I am not a developer - and I searched and could not find this (though I’m a basically lazy n00b who may have missed this)…

Has anyone worked on anything like an Ergonomic Reminder system? We use Openfire/Spark as our corporate IM, and we had a recommendation that we start having periodic little reminders to stretch, or rest your eyes, etc… I was thinking about this and it seems like perhaps a Spark plugin for this would be pretty good. It wouldn’t require another application - and Spark is pretty non-invasive with it’s reminders, so it won’t impede someone while they are working - just flashing like any other IM.

If you know of a plugin like this, please direct me to it. If you are a developer who is interested in it and would like more info, please respond.

Now go start some fires.

Thank You.

The closest would be MOTD plugin here http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp If you find someone to code for you (probably not in these forums), you can give him this plugin and it should be easier to modify it to send messages not just once, but on regular basis.

I think the simplest approach would be to use the Broadcast plugin and use a simple script to post periodic message via that plugin. Perhaps a cron job that will post on a set interval.