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Feature requests

2 suggestions:

one would be a sticky thread of feature requests where I could put product ideas that probably no one wants to hear.

Secondly, regarding Spark, which currently yields the main contact page when left clicked, I think it should yield that page when double left clicked, but when single left clicked should expand into a simple list of online contacts or online ‘‘favorite’’ contacts that I can click to open a chat, so that I don’'t have to bring up the contact page. Hows that for bad grammar,


You can search and add feature requests in http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/secure/Dashboard.jspa

I created a JIRA account, but it doesn’‘t look like my permissions allow me to submit feature requests through JIRA. There was no Create New Issue on my navigation bar. I forced my way there http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/secure/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa, but it didn’'t work.

How did you get your permissions set to add feature requests? Or did they take that away since you posted a month and a half ago?

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