Feature Reuqest: Voice/Video Chat (Future)

I’'m sure someone has already asked but is there any plans to include the ability to have a voice chat (VoIP) with video capabilities included… That would be a good step towards giving the ability to do the same in the MUC component…

I would like to second this request. The main reason we are looking into IM of any kind right now is for user-to-user video conferencing and it is really important.

Hi All,

There are plans to integrate JINGLE into Spark. I think our first step will be in the VOIP area, although I don’‘t know how this may translate over to video. I’'m sure this will be an ongoing discussion ;).



Hi All

Did you find the answer of your questions?Im trying to implement video chat using XMPP and I am really confused.the worst thing is I should implement it for a chat room so its Multiple video chat!could you please help me?any answer would be appreciated.thanx