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Feature: Show group to list of users


at the moment with the shared groups feature it is possible to show a group to members’’ rosters of other groups.

What I need is the same feature for users instead of other groups: Show a group to this user(s): user1

This makes sense in our environment where the leader of a department has some teams (which he is not part of) with a group for every team. Example:

leader of it department = user-itleader

  • team linux = group-linux

  • team windows = group-windows

  • team unix = group-unix


  • team4 = group4

  • team5 = group5

The leader should get the groups’’ members on his roster but the groups’’ members should not get the leader on their roster (because he is not member of a group).

What do you think about this feature?



interesting. Though… it’'s not quite logical. Leader will have uou in his roster and you not. So only him can start chating with you? But what then stops you from adding him to your roster manually?.. Only thinking aloud


we’'re using XMPP not only for chatting, instead our main topic is presences and status-messages.

So the leader can see where his workers are and what they are doing but they don’'t need to know where he is and what he is doing.

If a worker want’‘s to add him sure he can request his authorisation but it’'s up to the leader if he accepts this request (no way to do this if both are in a group!).


well, at this point it does make sense, though i’‘m still not sure:) Well, it’'s up to devs to decide. But we can vote for it:)

I would like to see the devs making an entry into JIRA but we’'ll see how they decide first

It’'s not that killer-feature we need in our environment but some guys (the leaders) ask for it.

Well, can any of the developers give a short feedback about this?

It’‘s a cool idea. Unfortunately, a lot of other stuff is on the to-do list at the moment. So, we’'d probably be able to start thinking about this for the 2.3 release. Of course, a community member could definitely work on this too to get it done faster.



mail notification shows real names of forum speakers, and in forum we see only usernames.


how about a feature request in JIRA for the 2.3 release? I would like to vote vor it and get informed if something changes here …