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Feature Suggestion: Highlight Alt Rows In Admin Portal User and Group Lists

Have been meaning to suggest this for awhile. It would be very helpful visually to have two different background row colors in user and group lists.

I do this in Excel/Calc all the time to help make a distinction between rows in a long list.

Sometimes when removing users from a group, it’s a little difficult to make sure you’re checking the “remove” box on the correct user.

Just something simple like a light grey for every other row in the lists.

As many of the admin console pages already support this, that should be easy to add. Could you list pages where we missed doing that?

Hi, Guus, thanks for the quick reply. Have been using Openfire on a CentOS box since '12 or so at a multi-location office. Users are mostly windoze. It’s great, but we don’t take advantage of nearly all the features, just use it as an instant messenger app so staff don’t have to pick up the phone to talk to someone in another office.

Looking again, I do see a very faint alt row shadow in the User summary, but not in Groups -> Edit Group -> Members of This Group.

It’s that members portion that’s difficult to differentiate. Even a little darker than what’s in the user summary (or letting folks specify the alt color) would be ideal.

Thanks, take care!


Ah, great, that’s the only place that I found too. Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created an issue in our bugtracker for this under OF-2200. A fix has been supplied in https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/pull/1806. This will very likely make it into the next release of Openfire.