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Federation and Kraken IM gateway limitations

I have clients registered through a gateway at aim.im.serverx.com. Kraken is working as it should in that it provides single sign on for all of a user’s given chat accounts. I noticed that I’m unable to share files with someone on AIM when I’m logged into the openfire account and registered with the example aim.im.serverx.com gateway. Again chats work fine but file exchange does not. Is this normal behavior?

Is there a guide which walks through True Federation between AIM and openfire? I know that AIM is not xmpp. The most elegent solution would be to federate, not proxy or transport through Kraken, so that AIM users can contact the users on our own domain. I’ve found some resources, but they don’t describe the process step by step and they refer to federation between other XMPP domains. Does anyone have a guide for federation with AIM?

federation: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/talk/lRq618Y-lP0

Just curious cause I can’t get AIM to work for my openfire server. What port are you useing with aim.im.serverx.com gateway?

kraken is no longer managed or supported. I believe its been replaced with http://spectrum.im/

Does this work with openfire?

I haven’t used it, but this might help


We are using it in my company since a couple of months together with GoJara. It works great.