Fetching entire contact information from google


I’m trying smack 3.0.4 to fetch gmail contact information. For which i’m using VCard to fetch the contact details, i can able to fetch the Full Name and Avatar alone, but not the firstName or lastName or any other details.

So please let me know if there are anyother way to fetch those details.

Thanks in advance,


First and last name can be obtained from the roster entry.

I dont find any provision in RosterEntry to fetch lastName or firstName and it has only getName(). And not only the name, i need the entire contact information like phone,address, etc.,

anyway i greatly appreciate your try to help me.

actually i got answered from david of smack

yesterday, he mentions that gtalk is not following certain standards of

XMPP and hence he is not sure of fetching the entire contact

information through XMPP API.

Ah, I see. Sorry I couldn’t help you there. I’m always suspicious of gtalk.