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Few issues with messenger 2.1.5

  1. User can create room that is beyond access from admin console

Create room with for example # character in name. Then try to edit it’'s properties from console…

  1. Session per page value isn’'t remembered… so admin have to change it every time he access this summary

  2. Under windows messenger is swapped to disk during night inactivity… Is there any possibility to something like keep resident option. (See this: http://suif.stanford.edu/pub/keepresident/)

I have reported 2) issue three times i think. And it’'s still in 2.2.0 Beta 1

plus, one of my first reports. There is still no confirmation about Successful saving of settings in Registration and Login tab in Admin Console.

Hey wroot,

Try again with the next nightly build and let me know how it goes.


– Gato

Hey John,

Issues 1 and 2 have been fixed. You can try with the next nightly build. Unfortunately, we don’‘t have any hack for issue 3 though I think that on heavy load this shouldn’'t be an issue. The potential affected users will be the very first one who starts early during the morning. Anyway, I think that the eclipse hack is a cool hack.


– Gato

Nice, but Refresh value should be saved too

Sessions Summary - Refresh dropbox

Hmm, try again with tomorrow’'s nightly build.


– Gato

Thanks for reaction.

ok, finally it works