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Few problems with 2005-02-26 build


Currently using build 2005-02-26 on a Mandrake Linux install, as I wanted the fix for the problem of presences of users in other groups not being reported properly. That’'s great, but I now have a few other problems.

  1. The messenger script in /opt/jive_messenger/bin doesn’'t seem to stop the server when issued with the stop command (either directly or via the jive_messengerd init.d script). It seems to actually start a new instance of jive, but I can work around that so no hassles there.

  2. The broadcast plugin no longer seems to work. Is this due to some change in 2.1.2? Although I can well believe that I’‘ve done something wrong with the plugin settings. Where exactly should they be put? I added them in via the admin console server properties page. These appear to be stored in the database. Dropping the broadcast.jar into the plugins directory gets it installed, but I can’'t broadcast to all@broadcast.mydomain.

The first time, I realised that I needed to restart the plugin, so I tried the methods outlined in the broadcast thread (either removing the broadcast.jar file, or running touch to force a redeployment). Neither seemed to have any effect.

Any ideas, or am I being really thick (slight history there )?



By the way, not seeing any errors in the error log after attempting to broadcast, or warnings.

Just thought I’'d try the userlist plugin to check plugins are ok. I downloaded the one listed as ok for 2005-02-23. Copied the jar file into the plugins directory, but it was not deployed.

Any ideas?

Apart from plugins, everything else is OK.


I’'ve changed the build to 2005-02-28 (latest available at the time). No change with plugin functionality. Everything else is OK. Has something about plugins changed? If so, are there any new ones available for the 2.1.2 series?

I would really like to have the broadcast functionality back, but don’'t really want to lose the fix to group updates.



Ok, I put my hands up. I’'ve not been checking the developer threads . New plugin API for 2.1.2. I guess that will explain it.

Any news on when the broadcast plugin might be made available for the new API?



Any news on when the broadcast plugin might be made

available for the new API?

As soon as 2.1.2 is out, the broadcast plugin will be published as well.



Looking forward to it