File transfer error wildfire+spark

Hi, I have Wildfire and several computers on my LAN, file transfer works fine on my LAN but when i try to send a file to someone outside of my LAN I get errors, the funny thing here is when I send a small file (3kb - 5k) arrives ok but with larger files ( 100kb or more) i get the error.

I already try with and without proxy option on wildfire and try almost everything I found in the Forum.

Any help?



Hi, how can i fix this?

I still have this problem.

Any help?



I already try with these jabbers clients: spark, psi, pandion, gaim and i cant get the transfers works.

When i try to connect via telnet to my ip and port 7777 i cant connect, how can i see if the proxy is running?

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Impossible to transfer files from/to outside my lan

Do you have your file transfer proxy setup in Wildfire?



cant connect to 7777 externally? maybe router is blocking it? if internal, make sure norton / whatever lets it through if you’'ve got antivirus on the server.



Yes, i have enabled the proxy transfer on wildfire on port 7777

This is my config:

I have a 2wire router with these port forward to the IP of my machine running wildfire: 5222, 5223,777 on tcp and udp for testing and some other ports for a vpn running on other server (working fine), all running under dyndns.

Thanks for your answer

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I already tested and I can connect to the 7777 port externally, but I cant transfer files, I already turned off the firewall on the server and clients but I can’'t transfer.

I already tested some other jabber clients and the same thing, Im currently using spark 2.

Thanks for your answer.

anything in the server logs? dropped connection / timeout etc?