File Transfer Filter 1.0 beta

Support JEP-0096 to filter filename extension type, and file size

Support JEP-0066 to filter filename extension type,no file size

Enabled to disabled JEP-0047 ( no test before );

here is the plugin

here is the source code

sorry in advance i don’'t write any documents and few comments in my source code.

any bugs please mail to

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Sounds interesting. Can you explain a bit more what the plugin does?



admin can set what type of packet he want to check(JEP 0096,JEP 0066, JEP 0047)

when select JEP-0096

admin can filter file name extension type and file size ( in bytes )

when select JEP-0066

admin can filter file name ( filter name base on URL,see JEP-0066)

when select JEP-0047

admin can allow or disallow automatic drop the request

sorry in advance about my poor English

I correct some wrong words, new version can be download on the same url in above thread.

Did I need to add a new feature that make admin to block request from specific domain?

Any suggestions can mail to