File transfer from different network

Hi all

My network is a little big. I have a network, 192.168.130.x that is different where the wildfire server is on, Users connected from the internet can send file through PSI client to 192.168.130.x, but users from 192.168.130.x can’'t send file through PSI to users connected to Internet.

What is the problem? What can I test to resolv the problem?

Note: I have configured the proxy well.

Thanks in advanced.

Hey absabby28,

There are different ways to make file transfer and some of them may not work depending on your network setup (e.g. NAT, firewall). Moreover, not all clients support all available file transfer mechanisms. Could you try using Spark that has a great file transfer functionality and let us know if it worked. Spark will probably end up using the file transfer proxy to make it work or fall back to in-band transfer if all mechanisms fail.


– Gato