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File Transfer issue

Has anyone seen when sending a file transfer to other spark users, the file transfer show up but does not give an option to accept the file?


No, i haven’t. Usually it shows the Accept button, but often fails to initiate download after pressing it (since 2.8.0).

It is working for some users, and not others. Any thoughts on that? Is there an area where you have to give permissions to allow the file transfer.

Not really. It should work for all users, if it works for some. You should try to find what is different about those users. Are they using different OS, different version of Spark, maybe they are in different network subnets, etc.

For me it works when on same subnet for my other subnets (no NAT or firewall between them) it doesn’t work… Does anybody has any solution or workaround??

The only workaround currently is to go back to 2.7.7.