File Transfer Issues

I have a few issues with File Transfer.

  1. FileTransfer.isDone() does not check for Status.REFUSED. It checks for CANCLED (misspelled), ERROR, and COMPLETE only. It seems that REFUSED should be included in this check.

  2. Filenames are not escaped in the negotiation. Attempting to transfer a file with an amperand in the name kills my client’'s socket connection.

  3. When transferring between 2 clients on the same sub-net, the first transfer always goes inband. All subsequent transfers go via negotiated socket. Any ideas?



  1. I always thought canceled never looked quite right. I’'ve created an issue for this: SMACK-158

  2. This will be fixed: SMACK-159

  3. Not sure what is going on here, do you have the packets being sent back and forth?

Thanks for the bug reports!