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File Transfer - Negotiating connection streams

Running the latest version of OpenFire with Spark Chat and are seeing intermittent file transfer issues, with the receiver getting the message “Negotiating connection streams.”

I had read that the 2.8x branch was known for these issues, so I downgraded everyone to v2.7.7, but the issue persists.

2 questions:

  • does anyone know the version that file transfer is definitely stable? Should I try a 2.9x build or or?

  • instead of uninstalling/reinstalling for all users to see if stabilizes, should I downgrade just a single sender, a single receiver, or a single sender and receiver?


If 2.7.7 is not working correctly for you then i doubt any version will help. Personally i was using 2.8 versions in a local network and file transfer was fine. Usually problems appear between different subnets. Probably also if one user is on VPN (given IP from a separate subnet) and another on local network. Can also be caused by firewalls, proxies, etc. In 2.9 there is an IBB option in file transfer settings. This forces in-band bytes transfer mechanism, which improves transfer between subnets, but it is much slower.

You don’t have to upgrade/downgrade everyone to test. Just do it for two clients and test transfers between them.