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File transfer problem-- Message delays while file transfering

Dear Alex,

I’m now encountering file transfer problem, here is the detials.

I use Spark( version 2.57) and Openfire 3.3.3, both are the newest

version. the Openfire server is deployed on the Internet, which has the

public IPs. And the two Spark clients are in the differents LANS behind

NATs, every client has the internal IP(such as When

client A sends file to the other B, the file transfer is normal(while

the file transfer is not going from the file transfer proxy-7777 port,

it seems.), but at the same time, if A sends message to B, it can send

the messages, but typically has some block, and B can not receive these

messages. After long time, B can receive a message, and still after

long time it can receive the next one, and so on. While B sends message

to A, A can receive these messages normally.

Jooa said he has

solved this problem, and his solution is setting the ‘xmpp.domain’

different form ‘xmpp.proxy.externalIP’. And my settings on Openfire

server side are: the ‘xmpp.doman’ set to, the

‘xmpp.proxy.externalIP’ set to the public server

IP- on Openfire server side I can’t find the

property:‘xmpp.proxy.externalIP’, so I add a new one.)

Can you tell me why it works incorrect?

Any help is very nice and thanks very much in advance.


Dear Alex and all,

Now I’m still

encountering this problem: message delays in delivery or slow speeds

while transfering a file.

I set the ‘xmpp.domain’ with the server side public IP:,

and ‘xmpp.proxy.externalip’ with the server side public

IP: These two are different. But the clients still have

the problem mentioned above.

And I use console command ’ netstat -a’ in the server side linux

console to try to find the file transfer listenning port 7777, but I

can’t find it. I have set the file transfer proxy enabled on Openfire

server side. It seems the file proxy is not work, why?

What the meaning of ‘xmpp.domain’ and ‘xmpp.proxy.externalip’ really

are? Do they must be the real domain names instead of IPs?

I need to solve this problem urgently.

Any responce information is nice and thanks very much in advance.

Best regard,