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File transfer problem: transfer never really starts

Hi Everyone,

I wrote the standard code for XMPP file transfer like below

FileTransferManager ftm = new FileTransferManager(xmppConnection);

OutgoingFileTransfer oft = ftm.createOutgoingFileTransfer(replyCmd.getToAddress);

File attachment = File.createTempFile(“response”,""+replyCmd.getMessageId());



oft.sendFile(attachment, “”);

Following is the configuration

I am using PIDGIN as my chat client. I am using Gmail accounts for both my chat client and chat server.

Now using the above code I initiate the file transfer. Once I accept the file on the chat client(pidgin). The file transfer progress doesn’t increase. It says it is waiting for the begining of the file transfer. Where as on the server side when I wrote a while loop to check the progress I found the sentBytes to be -1 always.

Can you please help me out with the problem?.