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File Transfer proxy question

I am trying to connecto to the File Transfer Proxy that OpenFire supports on port 7777.

I am having a hard time connecting.

I used DiscoManager in Jabber-Net library to discover the proxy. manager.

I sent an IQ

to receive the address and port

ok untill now.

I have C# library that succesfully connects to an existing proxy server (other than openfire’s proxy) using SOCKS v5, but I cannot get it to connect to the IP provided by OpenFire.

To be more specific,

I connect to on port 7777

I use as Dest.Addr = sha.ComputeHash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(“21kjfdshf09” + “gamitech@deadend” + “admin@deadend”));

and port = 0

as described in XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams ( http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0065.html )

Sorry, I accidentally hit submit, so to continue:

Now after I am connected I send the authentification bytes to the server, and it replies with AuthNone, as if it does not need any authentification.

Then I send the connect bytes to the server and the reply is:

buf[0] = 5

buf[1] = 2

buf[2] = 0

buf[3] = 3

buf[1] != 0 that means in error codes that the lib throws : Connection not allowed by ruleset.

Is this normal ?

What am I doing wrong ?

What is the way to go on this ?

Please advise.

Maybe my C# lib is broken, can you give me a library that will work on connecting to the OpenFire proxy server.

Can anyone who has experience in this or experienced this please provide me with documentation or anything that might be useful on how to establish this connexion, it is a little urgent ?

or the steps to reproduce a succesfull connexion.