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File Transfer with Google Talk


I am trying to implement file transfer using a client (built using Smack) and Google Talk.

I am able to send / receive (through Smack) files from my Java Client to GTalk end-user ONLY if its Spark. If the end-user is using Gtalk Client, the Java Client cannot send/receive files. Infact, if two users one logged in through Spark and another through Gtalk, they cannot send/receive files.

After some investigation, looks like GTalk client is using some version of Jingle (XEP-0166: Jingle) and Smack does file transfer using a different protocol (XEP-0096: File Transfer) Correct me if I am wrong.

I did see that Smack has Jingle extension but couldn’t find any documentation on that. (And I read somewhere on the forum that Smack-Jingle and Google-Jingle uses different schemas and they are not compatible)

Google-jingle is in C++ so I cannot use it directly as I am developing client in Java. I also saw somewhere that there was a Google Summer of Code project to implement Google-Jingle in Java but couldn’t find if it has been released. If anyone know anything about it please forward me the link…

In short, I am trying to make file transfer work from the Java client (using Smack) to Gtalk Client specifically. Is there a way that exists currently ?


Any food for thought on this?

Any success so far? I have the same idea - Java client based on Smack to transfer files with Gtalk. After 2 days of struggling to get it according to XEP-0166 I am about to give up. Gtalk refuses to send me files. Maybe I’ll get to implement libjingle for Java. Where are you up to?

My thought is, write to Google to be XMPP standards compliant. Tell them to get it together or get out (i.e. stop calling their service XMPP)…

Seems all the problems we see on this board is due to gtalk not playing by the rules.


of course you are right - it is Goole’s fault that ft is not working but(!!!) the customers demand it. In a Gtalk dev forum I read that they are going to stick with the standart XEP-0166 in the future ?:expressionless: We’ll see…

Have things changed in the past one year?


it seems like u are able to transfer files from java client to java client…can u please help me on that