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File Transfer with XIFF AS3 Beta and AIR


I want to develop some kind of instant messaging software with Adobe AIT and XIFF. The application will use the XMPP protocol to transfer different kinds of information (vcards, ics appointments,…), besides instant messages. One very important aspect of the application it transferring files between two clients.

As my short inspection of the XIFF AS3 code showed the XMPP file transfer seem not to be supported. Is there a chanse that this will change in near future? AS3 supports binary sockets, so it should be technically possible to transfer files. I don’t know the internals of the XMPP protocol, so I don’t know how file transfer has to be implanted. Can someone help me? How much afford would it be to implement the file transfer functionality? Are there alternatives?

Probably I could use a second server (webserver) in addition to an OpenFire server and manage file upload on this second server through a PHP script. The sender would have to notify the receiver about the transferred file, so that the receiver could download the file right after the upload has been completed. This might work, but I would prefer a solution where I don’t need a second server.



hi andi

I have the same problem with you , have you found any solution?

me too… I am looking for solution to solve the problem. Anybody know how difficult to implement it on flash?