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File Transfer

File Transfer doesn’'t seem to work. Is file transfer handled by Jive, or is this handled by the client? We use the GAIM client. Should we be able to transfer files?


I’'m not sure which method does GAIM use for file transfer. Below is a description of the available methods defined by XMPP and which ones are supported by Messenger:

Available XMPP methods are:

  1. JEP-0065 SOCK5 Bytestreams (prefered method)

  2. JEP-0047 In-Band Bytestream (desirable for simple bytestreams)

  3. JEP-0066 Out of Band Data (old method replaced by the above)


  1. JEP-0096: File Transfer (used for negotiating the preferred method)

About server support:

  1. JEP-0065: No server support is required if the socket is direct (i.e. peer-to-peer). But if you need to establish the connection through a bytestreaming service then server support is required. Messenger does not have support for “Mediated Connections” so you can only use the peer-to-peer mode.

  2. JEP-0047: Server support is required but you may use it even though the server does not implement its part.

  3. JEP-0066: No server support is required.

  4. JEP-0096: No server support is required.

You should check which method is GAIM using and see if Messenger supports it.


– Gato