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File Transfer

Hi all.

I have a file transfer class which has been part of the development of my

program for some time. It now no longer works and i am at a loss to

explain why this has happened. The code itself has changed little, aside from

some progress monitoring additions. Two things that have changed are 1) i

am using my own OpenFire Server as apposed to the public Jabber.org server and

  1. i upgraded to smack 3.0.4 from 2.2.x. I don’t know if this affects anything

but i thought i’d better mention it. I have seen forum posts regarding this issue and

have disabled the proxy service as advised, this made no difference. Incidentally, i temporarily reverted to the jabber.org

server to test a file transfer scenario. This also failed which

leaves me to believe the problem is not because of the openfire server setup but as a result of my code or the upgrade to Smack 3.0.4

The behaviour of a typical file transfer is this:

  • The first file transfer
    from a to b will work in all circumstances.

  • The second file transfer
    from a to b may work although it is possible and increasingly
    common that it will simply hang and then fail

  • The first file
    transfer between b to a after a to b’s initial transfer may work, or it
    may hang and then fail. The failing outcome is far more likely.

Is there something fundamental i am missing? do the streams need to be

flushed or closed in some way? i have not found the mechanism to do this in the

docs if this is the case.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,



I thought i had better add that i am using files as apposed to streams. i

tried using the sendfile method which returns an outputstream and flushed

and closed the stream where necessary. This changed very little.

Again, any help would be great.



see below

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Hi all.

Ok, I have got around this issue. The problem seems to be caused by the IncomingFileTransfer .isDone() method. This method never seems to return true and so when used in a while loop, gets stuck in an infinite loop.

My solution (though perhaps not the best solution) was to use the progress of the transfer as a argument in the while loop.

like so:

int intprogress=0;

double progress=0.0;

while(intprogress!=100) {



intprogress=(int)(progress * 100d);


As i said, not sure if this is the best solution but it solved my problem.