File Transfers not working ... but here's a *New* clue! to the old problem

So, we have all had the problem of File Transfers just stopping for no apparent reason after months of Joy and no problems at all.

Well, I found a variable to the issue today…

Currently many people cannot transfer files to each other. So can no problem.

It does not matter if they are in-house, outside, or on totally different network or broadband suppliers.

These Accounts just will not transfer files.

It happened to my account 50/50 … I could send but not receive :frowning:

BUT, if I make myself or them a new account, those people and I can then send and receive to each other.

BUT their old accounts still will not.

So, it’s NOT the OpenFire Server generally, the Network or Broadband … it seems to be the OpenFire Accounts themselves.

What can I track down to give you experts more info or what can I look for in the Accounts that have trouble?

Thank you,

Openfire 3.9.3

OSX Server 10.7.5

… and it started working again … not touched the Server since my last Post, or the Router.