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FileTransfer Status Cancelled != Complete!


I am developping a jabber client and have noticed a problem, at least I think it is a problem…

When a user A transfers a file to a user B, if the user A cancels the transfer before the end, the value of FileStatus.getStatus() will be “cancelled” for the user A but “complete” for the user B.

This could be confusing I think. I don’t know if it is the normal behaviour or not. If not should I signal it as a bug ???


This is more a deficiency in the protocol then anything else, it does not define a means for the receiving party to notify the sender that a transfer has been canceled or vice-versa.



I disagree, I mean when you’re the receiver, it would be nice to know if the transfer has been cancelled or not especially for the transfer monitoring…to manage it you have to check if the status is complete and if the sizes match…that is not very nice I think but that my opinion…:slight_smile:



I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I was just saying the protocol we use doesn’t support canceling of transfers, in order to remain compatible with other clients - and until the spec is updated - it can’t be supported. Irregardless of the merits, I wish it was there, but it isn’t.