FileTransfer with two different XMPPConnections on the same machine

Hi there,

I have been trying to get two XMPPConnections on the same machine able to transfer files to one another. It works when connection A transfers to connection B, but then doesn’‘t work when connection B transfers to connection A. I have discovered it is failing because of line 356 in Socks5TransferNegotiator- it’'s using the same port for the second socket when the first is still in use. It works if you make the ProxyProcess declared on line 86 static. Is this necessary or is there already some mechanism for this in place which I have missed?


This whole process needs to be rethought and each connection needs a seperate port to run on I think. I just don’'t think different connections should be using the same port address. I have created an issue to deal with this:


belated thanks for your response! Nice to know someone is looking at the issue.