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Filetransfermanager and Android

Has anyone gotten file transfer to work on android? I’ve gotten connections and messages and all that without a hitch but I can’t seem to get file transfers to work.

Simply creating a new instance of the filetransfermanager in android seems to crash the app. Has anyone gotten this to work? Is this a problem with the API or is it on my end?

Thanks for the help.


igniterealtime does not have enough resources like google to answer all the developers questions. You should search the forum with ‘android’ tag before asking. Having said that, this is the thread you must look at if you want to do filetransfer.


If you have learnt something new, contribute back to the forum so that other can benefit also.

Well I searched and found several of your posts on the subject and how you’re having a similar problem. Similar problems doesn’t mean it can’t be done and your comments were in somewhat unrealated threads so I thought I’d make a general post about it.

I’m not asking for my problem to get solved. I just wanted to know if anyone has been able to do this yet or if it’s even possible at this point.

If you read my thread again, you will see that I get file transfer working for small file size by using smack on android agaist google server. I have done some testing to learn about the file transfer mechanism. I only observer IBB so far. If it is unrelated, Ok. But you should read the other thread I have posted, it might help you see why your filetransfermanager is crashed. I have to say that one is a mandatory, if you are not using smack.jar for android on the net. (Well, that one doesn’t have smackx which is needed for filetransfer) That one has helped me with my transfer issue anyway, albeit for a small file size.