Filtering msn contact


i have a trouble with this beautiful software. I want to filter the MSN contact can connect with my organization.

I want do it with Packet Filter plugin, but i’ve tried some solution that not work, example:

I blog any message from anybody and set:


  1. Reject From: Any To: Any Packet Type: Message

  2. Pass From: externalEmailMsn* To: InternalJID PacketType: Message

When i try to send a message from the “externalEmailMsn” to my InternalJID isn’t arrive.

I’ve try to move the order of the rule and to modify the name of externalEmailMsn with various format like or name\ or simply name* but it don’t go!!

In practice i want that all the communication from and to any are authorized with rule from admin in MSN gateway. Is possible? How?

I’m very sorry for my poor english.

Thanks very much advance.


Packet Filter does process rules from top to bottom. First matching rule is applied. So your first rule says to drop all messages.

The following should work:

  1. Pass From: externalEmailMsn* To: InternalJID PacketType: Any

  2. Pass From: InternalJID To: externalEmailMsn* PacketType: Any

  3. Reject From: Any To: Any Packet Type: Any


many thanks for the answer but i’ve try it and don’t go!

I’ve move the rule to the bottom. But if I set the Packet Type like “Any” all the packet have filtered and all contact will be off line and the msn gateway don’t work. If I set only “Message” i view the contact online but i can’t contact it.

This is the log message:

2008.07.01 10:33:06 Rejecting packet from externalmsn\ to internaljid@

i think that the reject message in bottom or in top block anything without use the other rule.

please you can try this in your server for a feedback

many thanks


Ah…sorry, you need some more rules:

allow communication to the server itself

PASS | from/to | to/from any | packetType any

allow communication with the component controller

PASS | from/to component. | to/from any | packetType any


thanks for the suggestion, but it don’t run like i want!!

With transport msn allowed all the user can chat with all contact list.

I want block some communication in MSN and able only the contact that are good for the organizzation like employee and customer but disable all the list of family and friend that will be distract the employe e without touch the client and privacy of all.

I think that packet filter no have this feature implements very good…

Somebody have this problem? How can resolve this?




Nobody can help me?


What I would do to try and get things working is create one rule like :

pass from any to any log

And then reply your traffic that you want blocked (send a message from an msn account to your openfire account). Then you can see the two/from address in the log. This should help you craft a rule that will get you what you’re after.