Final Release of Spark 2.6.0

The ignite realtime community would like to announce the final release of Spark 2.6.0.

After more than 3 years, we have moved the product quite a bit and it has to be noted that the contributions came from all over the world to make this release possible. Numerous issues and feature requests were adressed duringt the development phase:

  • Removal of commercial libraries
  • Move to Apache 2.0 license
  • Introduction of different skins
  • Small enhancements of the interface
  • Support of a privacy/invisible mode
  • Enhancements of the conference room features
  • Ability to set default data in ini files for corporate customizing (requires repacking)
  • New Smack (version 3.2) library
  • Reworked reconnection mechanisms
  • Nummerous technical enhancements

More details can be found in the attached changelog.html

The download links for the release 2.6.0 are on the Downloads page.

Further development

The next release 2.6.1 will follow within the next 8 weeks and include some more graphical and functional enhancements. We would appreciate contributions to the source code. (26015 Bytes) (3580 Bytes)


I thought this day would never come! THANKS GUYS! Everyone who made this happen!!!


awesome! but why is the download out on rapidshare? and why is the projects page not updated? have I just spoke too soon?

I wanted to keep the promised date of May 6th. The files will move to ignite and I will try to update the projekct pages too (depends on my JSP capabilities :wink: )

Well, posting a release on rapidshare is really NOT an option (what will users think about us?). Maybe we should contact Daryl Herzman to find out how they have put Smack and Openfire releases on the page. This should be on the Download page and also reported in the blog and releases forum.

Just as an FYI, during setup it says installing Spark, don’t know if that is intended. Also, after it is installed, it shows Spark 2.6.0 RC 2 in the Help/About of the program…

I was just about to roll this out to 1000+ people today and noticed it…


The files are on the download page on this website now.


The Version located at the downloads Page should only say 2.6.0

and yeah, since its was the same build script from the nightly builds it has a revision number

Well, i wouldn’t push it to 1000+ users even if it would say 2.6.0 Super Final Super Stable Release You should do testing before. It is a new release after 3 years, many things has been changed. Btw. Real final release is (as it says in Add/Remove), though i suppose the only change between those builds was version tag fixing