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Finalizing SETUP OpenFire fails when adding ADMINISTRATOR account


I did a fresh installation of OpenFire 3.6 and managed to go through the installation process without errors

The binding for the users is LDAP - one forest (root-domain) and about 15 tree-domains

The configuration works fine even with port 3268 using the root-domain’s BaseDN.

**All Test-Settings (User mapping as well as Group mappings) succeeded successfully. **

But the last step - adding an administrator account fails with:

No username was provided or the specified username was not found.

I found a lot of questions and answers about this topic, but none of them could solve my problem.

Anyone here who can support adding the administrator account?

Thanks for any advice … Mi.Ke.

If my memory is correct, I installed OpenFire with only a single domain configuration and then manually changed the configuration variables after installation was complete in order to use a global catalog server.

Do you have an example of your settings you changed in the original config file ?

Regards Mi.Ke.

Hi John, so far so good and thx for your answer(s)


  • ldap.port = 3268

  • ldap.baseDN =

what I have:

  • created a LDAP Group “OpenFire” in the AD

  • adding members of the domain of the OFserver to this group can be seen in Admin Interface of OpenFire “Users” (they can login and chat)

  • ldap.usernameField = set by installation to “sAMAccountName”

what I need to have:

  • adding members (to AD Group OpenFire) of any other domain of the forest do not show in Admin Interface of OpenFire “Users” - but they should!

  • ldap.usernameField = should be able to be set to “userPrincipalName” (only this Name is obvious throughout the forrest)

I can work with a single Domain - but still no possibility to work with multidomains in the forest . Anything I missed to configure ?