Finally back up and running

Finally have my system to a point where it’s running good again. had to install the OS a few times and just now got my Dev system back to where it’s compiling / building everything it should be which is great news.

As for spark issues assigned to me, will be getting started on those asap. Which i know is a repeat statement from me before, but I hadn’t realized my brand new system was going to take another reinstall to get it going (first install was somehow corrupted, and would not activate).

Good to hear. I can assign a few more issues to stress test your new system Joking

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haha yeah that is just what I need. Actually I just about have the transferring of old settings…etc

I think you are right on just picking up everything and copying it on over.

The only thing I think we should not copy over is plugins (I dont know if the application will overwrite old plugins with new plugins, but that is something i can find out in some testing).

but basically on first launch it will check to see if the older directory exists but not the newer one. if that is the case it will simply move the entire thing over and then scrape out the plugins so that can be recreated via the normal means.

Why do you want to check for the older one? E.g. some is already playing with RC version and have copied his old settings to the new place (old settings still left). So after upgrading to newer version it will find older folder and copy and rewrite everything in the new place and overwriting added history and changed settings. Not good. Also, by moving old folder you will make more complex for novice users to downgrade. Now they will have to find new place for settings and copy it back to make older Spark work with their settings. I think it is better to check if there is a folder in a new place and if not, then check if there is a folder in the old place, if yes, then copy it to a new place, if no, then create a new profile in a new place. If a folder alredy exists in a new place, then do nothing.

when i say move it over, that’s in reference to the copy statement above. I already understand we do not want to move anything. Leave it in place for the novice users of course.

Yes of course if there is already a folder in the new place we do not want to do anything.

My stream of thoughts is this:

  1. Start spark

  2. do settings…etc exist for current install

2a) if yes -> do nothing

2b) if no -> continue

  1. do settings…etc exist from an older install (IE pre current build)

3a) if no -> startup like normal and allow spark to create the directories…etc as it does as part of its launch process.

3b) if yes -> copy over the directory to the new location.

My recommendation for not copying over the plugins stems from not wanting to create compatibility issues; if we copy over older plugins that may not be compatible or break functionality of spark that would be bad for the users (especially novice).

Even if we check for the old directory first it would not matter, as this upgrade process will never overwrite directories that already exist. It is simply an odering of the logic which would end up on one line of code to be honest.

If (previousSettingsDir.exist() = true && currentSettingsDir.exist() == false);

The net result will be that we only ever copy over the users previous settings over if they do not exist and the application is launching for the first time (or if the flag for determining if this is a first time launch is false or does not exist).

I agree with those steps. Forgot to mention the plugins issue. If we can, we should not copy them, though i think they should be rewritten when new Spark version starts up and unpacks all plugins. Because in earlier versions it was always an upgrade process on top of the older version. It wasn’t mentioned anywhere that one should delete something in his profile to do an upgrade.