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Find out a bug in openfire decoding part!

Hello, I’m a user of Openfire working in China, so I should use Chinese characters. There are some string wrong when we use UTF-8 to send a message to the openfire server. Sometimes when the openfire convert bytebuffer to charbuffer, the server cut the bytebuffer not with a whole char, so there is “??” in the charbuffer. We think before converting bytebuffer to charbuffer openfire should estimate if the bytebuffer ends with “>” when it do UTF-8 decoding. Can you fix the bug in the new version? Thank you!

By the way, the bytebuffer to charbuffer is in XMLLightweightParser.java, line 167.

It’s a bug indeed! Hope jive to fix it!


see OF-92 - it will likely not be fixed in 3.7.0

Please comment there if you have a patch which fixes the problem.