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Firebird Database

We would like to use Firebird db with Jive Messenger, but the length of primary keys/indices is limited to 252Bytes. I know that in MYSQL, only the forst 70 characters are used in those cases.

But I don’‘t know if Firebird can do this (I know, it’'s a bit off topic). If anyone has successfully integrated Jive Messenger with Firebird Database, please share how you did it.

Thanks much

Hi Sabine,

While I haven’'t heard of anyone using Messenger with Firebird, Messenger is designed in such that integrating the two would be a pretty straight forward process. If you do decide to integrate the two, please keep us posted on how it goes.



Hi ryan,

well, it depends just how much JiveMessenger depends on some columns being unique or indexed.

Since we will manipulate the database directly and not through the admin console, there are ways to ensure uniqueness of these values through programming. Of course, searching the database will be slower then because of missing indices …

I might look at making plugins I guess (add/remove users and shared roster).

EDIT: Although to integrate the administration of Jabber users with the intranet users for the system we are working on, a plugin is probably overkill.

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I use Firebird for some of my projects, so I tried to create the FB schema for JM couple of months ago, but the key-length limit in FB made me to wait for the upcoming Firebird 2.0 which shouldn’'t suffer with this problem.

Anyway if there is more people interested in using Firebird, we could create some schema for FB and overcome the problem by the use of triggers.