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Firebird jdbc driver problem, now can''t login (Bug -see last post)

I’'m now trying to switch from the embedded database to Firebird. JiveMesenger is the nightly build of 2nd of november 2005.

The jdbc driver for Firebird is an jdbc-odbc bridge. I have copied the firebirdsql.jar into the JM’‘s \lib directory. The class for the driver ought to be org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver (I checked the jar and it’'s there )

I edited the config xml so that . In the admin console, I write the above for the jdbc driver, but it gives me an error “unable to load specified jdbc driver…”. The jar was there before the server started up.

I have no idea what could be wrong. Could the driver be a wrong version - but then that should only cause errors on accessing the database, right?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hmm, sounds like a strange issue. Does Firebird have a type 4 driver (pure Java)? That would probably work better than an ODBC bridge. Maybe there are some native libs missing??

Also, any possibility of using MySQL or Postgres? That would definitely be a simple approach.



Looks like the “files are missing” was correct. The Firebird driver package had some jar’‘s in a subdirectory (\lib aswell). When I copied them into the JM’'s \lib directory, it worked fine.

Now I can’'t log in to the admin console anymore. I followed the scripts for the database setup that came with JM documentation (inclusive creating a user “admin” with a password).

EDIT: I updated to the latest build (8-nov-2005), not keeping the old xml file and still the same problem.

EDIT2: After looking at the error.log, I figured it out. In Firebird, some words are reserved and must be referenced with double quotes if used as column names. So everytime JM executes a select with password in it, it fails due to an exception.

A list of reserved names used in the JM database:

password, value, message, domain, time

Is it possible to cater for this? If so, I would be very vey thankful. Otherwise, you will have to say “JM not compatible with FirebirdSQL database”

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Currently accessing a FirebirdSQL database is not possible because of use of reserved names as column names (see previous post).