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Firefox is crashing when doing Reply or Edit

I havent seen Firefox crashing for a very long time. And not a once with 3.x version. Today it has crashed for me at work. But i thought it was because antivirus was scanning and PC was low on resources. But now it happened at home and i see that i was doing the same thing. I was trying to start posting a reply here, and i saw RTE started to load and then browser crashed. As i’m posting this message, you can see that this isnt happening all the time. I was trying to post my first message today at work. And the same at home, it was my first message here today on that PC. Maybe there was an update of CS and the browser was loading something new and somehow made the browser to crash.

So far it didnt happen again. Though i havent try to clear my cache and to load RTE again.

Update: after i have cleared my cache today it has crashed again when i tried to press Reply for the first time after the clearing.

Update: after i have cleared my cache today it has crashed again when i
tried to press Reply for the first time after the clearing.
Can not comfirm that.

But FF3.0.1 freezed serveral times when I tried to edit this document:

I can not exactly reproduce that problem, but it happens from time to time.

It seems that crashing issue is still there with the current CS version, though no it happens on a random basis. I’m not clearing my cashes manually but it do crashes time to time after hitting the Reply. Not to mention very frequent problem with a first reply after launching the Firefox and ignite site. Trying to reply on a first opened thread will lead to Exception.

Well, it starts to crash on me almost on every reply here…

I hate this, but i’m now going to browse Ignite through a IEtab plugin, cause it’s getting too frustrated to have my Firefox crashing everytime i do a first reply here.


I can confirm this. Anyhow it seems to be related to CPU / paged memory. As soon as my computer has little resources Firefox will render the editor, changing texts to icons and then crashes. As I can restore the previous session this is not critical for me.

Anyhow this is a FF problem. So Jivesoftware could try to build a workaround or we need to wait for FF to fix their code.


At some point i thought it is related to cache, but now it happens very often. So i have switched to html editor for now. MAybe i’ll find some time to test this with clean profile and then submit to Firefox bugzilla (though they should be receiving tons of automatic crash reports from me).

Interesting. It has been a long time since I experienced this problem. LG’s theory about running low on resources may explain why I’m not having this issue. Wroot, could you verify if that is/was your case?


– Gato

What do you mean by low resources? I have double core CPU and 2 gigs of RAM (WinXP). For me it looks like i have plenty of resources unused while only browsing the forums and a few small apps opened. So no, i dont see relations. Could it be internet link problem? Sometimes it seems that rendering of RTE takes a bit longer (and it loads RTE elements from ignite server at that time) and then it crashes. Anyway, this is a bizarre issue.

Hey wroot,

Lots of crashes here too. 4 GB of memory and on linux. The new Clearspace causes my firefox to hang lots as well. Glad to see Ignite be the beta tester for propreitary code


Hi Daryl,

so this seems to be a Firefox bug.

I wonder how long we can or must use this AJAX editor. A much better Flash based editor could be in the Clearspace pipeline.

I could live with a simple “HTML textarea” field, that’s fine for most posts.


I wonder is this the new version of RTE or i have found a workaround for this. I have set HTML editor as default and then only switch to it if i need rich editing. Havent crashed so far.

Have switched back to RTE mode few days ago. So far no crashes. And RTE elements seems to load much faster.

Still no crash with Firefox 3.0.6 for me.

I had one crash yesterday with 3.0.6. Then it was crashing when i was trying to load the saved session. When i finally started with the new session everything was ok. So far.

I’ve talked with one of the developers who works on the RTE. It does seem to hold true that RTE crashes are related to poor javascript performance, so they are more prevalent on Firefox vs Chrome or Safari, for example. He is working on enhancing performance of the RTE itself, which should reduce the likelihood of crashing.

As soon as improvements are available, I’ll be updating the community site.

Crashes have become frequent once again. I dont see any relations to system resources still, but i do see that this is happening more often when igniterealtime.org is slowing down. I mean when forum pages are taking ages to load. My internet connection is working fine and all other sites are loading fast enough. But IR.org sometimes (very often “sometimes” must i say) is becoming very sluggish and at these moments RTE is taking a few more seconds to load and eventually Firefox crashes. Another thing is that more frequent crashes came back after another CS version change (though it says 3.0.0, but i see that favorites are replaced with bookmarks). This could be related to browser caches. As CS files has changed, then my browser is not using the cache and tries to load the new ones.


Check out this redhat bugzilla on crashes with rhel5 firefox and Clearspace: