Firefox not accepting my certificate

Hi there,

I am using the SSL certificates that come with openfire that are not signed by a CA. Nonetheless, my internet explorer can logon to the https://servername:9091 without any issue.

However, my firefox doesnt connect to that website. I have tried adding the website as an exception and it says it cant find a certificate. Do I import the certificate to my firefox if yes how? and if not, please let me know of another solution.



That’s weird. I don’t have problems with Openfire’s self-signed certs and Firefox. You can try deleting certs and generating new ones. What Firefox version do you use?

Its the latest version 4.1. However I figured out the problem… ofcourse the problem was with me and not the software… I had this utility for my proxy servers, that created the problem as it was not bypassing the proxy for the local server and thus it could not connect. I disabled the add-on, added my server name to the “do not use proxy for this” list and voila I can connect.

Now I have another issue… I think i will raise another discussion. Sorry for asking so many questions.